1. What is Sequence Dancing?
Modern Sequence Dancing is based on the standard ballroom and latin dances, including waltz, quickstep. foxtrot, rumba etc. However everyone dances the same 16 bar routine together led by experienced leaders. The dance steps are all standardised and because the same routines are being done by everyone, they become quite easy and enjoyable. Whilst there are a lot different dance sequences we have our favourites which are usually repeated within a couple of months.

2. Do I need a partner?
Probably advisable but not essential.  We have ladies on their own who will partner other ladies

3. Will it help that I have participated in sequences dances at social events?
These are usually 'party dances' such as the Rumba One, Mayfair Quickstep or the Mambo Magic. Most of our programmes consist of the prize winning dances from the Invention Dance Competitions in the past 10 years.  We teach a new dance about once every two months and then less popular ones are dropped.

4. How can I learn sequence dancing?
Before starting a reasonable knowledge is required of the basic steps in ballroom and latin. There are other classes which will teach you these. It should then be possible to pick up the dance sequences by following our leaders or others of our better dancers.

5. Do you do Traditional Old Time Dances?
We do not cover pre 1950s dances such as the Old Time Waltz, Veleta or Boston Two Step.  We do however cover modern 'Classical Sequence Dances' - Saunters, Blues and Swings.

6. Are videos of the dances available?
Tuition videos showing 'walk throughs' of dances and with music are available for older dances on
For more recent dances a subscription to Brockbank Lane Sequence Script Service (£62 pa) is necessary.